Dr. Snezana Savoska

Information systems Analysis and design
Information systems security
Decision support systems and Business Intelligence
Fundamentals of Information systems
IS in business organizations (ERP, CRM, SCM, CMS)
Data visualization
Design of Information systems
IS Security and Cryptography

Basic literature

  • Textbook  „Управување о информации и одлучување“, Снежана Савоска, 2013, Битола (DSS&BI systems, Savoska S, PhD, 2013, Bitola)
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Cabinet FIKT   Email snezana.savoska@fikt.edu.mk   snezana.savovska@uklo.edu.mk
Consultations Tuesday  10-12, Thursday 10-12


Snezana Savoska was born in Prilep in 1962. She graduated from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Faculty of Electrical engineering, Skopje, in 1986, getting her bachelor’s degree. She got the Master’s degree of MBA at University St.Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of Economy in Prilep, 2007 and PhD at University St.Kliment Ohridski – Faculty of Information systems management and Administration, 2010. Her academic career started in 2008 as Assistant. Since January 2011, she has been an Assistant professor.  Since 2015, Snezana Savoska has worked as an Associated professor at the University St.Kliment Ohridski – Bitola, Faculty of information and communication technology. Her previous experience is in the Information systems area in companies in Macedonia (as system engineer, data base administrator, Head of integrated information systems in Tobacco company in Prilep).
Areas of interest: Information systems, Visualization, Data Warehouse, Data analysis,  DSS, BI, ERP, Information systems analysis and design, Information systems security

Published books:

  • Снежана Савоска, „Управување со информации и одлучување – Концепти, методологија и компјутерска подршка“, Факултет за администрација и менаџмент на информациски системи, Битола, ISBN 978-608-65059-5-0, Прилеп, 2013
Academic visits:
May-June 2009, Erasmus Study Reside in Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics, University “St.Kliment Ohridski” – Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria

Conferences and published papaers

  • Savoska S., Dimeski B., Reengineering of Software Processes in Municipality for Construction Permission Requests, ISGT conference, Sofia, may 2014, in print
  • Snezana Savoska , Suzana Loshkovska,” Taxonomy of User Intention and Benefits of Visualization for Financial and Accounting Data Analysis”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Proceedings of ICT Innovations 2013 conference, Ohrid, 2013, pg.197-208
  • Snezana Savoska , Suzana Loshkovska,“Evaluation of Taxonomy of User Intention and Benefits of Visualization for Financial and Accounting Data Analysis”, Proceedings of ISGT conference, Sofia, may 2013, pg.51-65
  • Snezana Savoska, Branko Dimeski, “Good Governance In Local Public Administration: It Potentials For People-Oriented Economic Development In Macedonia”, 20-th NISPAcee Annual conference, May 2012, Ohrid, R. of Macedonia
  • S. Savoska, V. Manevska, S. Neshkovska, “Data Warehouse Usage in Data Preparation by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia and Transparent Data Dissemination”, 20-th NISPAcee Annual conference, May 2012, Ohrid, R. of Macedonia
  • Z.Savoski, S.Savoska, S.Loskovska, “Visual Statistical analysis on results of HBA1c as an effect of the diet bread consuming in Prilep, Macedonia”, Diabetes Matabolism, Research and Review 2012, Abstract, 28(Suppl.2): 90-120, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2012, Impact Factor 3.373, CODHy, 1-st Asia Pacific Congress on Contraversies to Consensus in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension, Shangai, China, june 2011
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June 2008 XLIII International Scientific Conference on Information,

Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies – ICEST, Nis,


June 2008 ITI conference, 2008, Caftat, Croatia

11.2008 Telfor 2008, Belgrade, Serbia

May 2009 III Conference Information Systems & GRID Technologies, Sofia,


October 2009 VI-th international conference of Management and entrepreneurs, TU

Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2009 International Conference on SOFTWARE, SERVICES &


11.2009 Telfor 2009, Belgrade, Serbia

June 2010 32 Conference of Information technology Interfaces, Caftat, Croatia

May 2010 IV-th conference of Information Systems & GRID Technologies,

Sofija, Bulgaria

May 2011 V-th conference of IS & GRID Technology, Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2012 20-th NISPAcee Annual conference, Ohrid, R. of Macedonia

June 2012 VI-th conference of IS & GRID Technology, Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2013 Seventh International Conference ISGT’2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sept 2013 5th ICT Innovation Conference 2013, Ohrid, R.of Macedonia

Maj 2014 8-th International Conference ISGT’2014, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sept 2014 8th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems – MCIS2014, Verona, Italy

May 2015 9 International Conference ISGT’2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 2015 7th International Conference AIIT 2015, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Oct 2015 ICAICTSEE International Conference 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria


Other activities
From 2009 – Member of Macedonia Scientific Society – Bitola, From 2010 – WSEAS Reviewer, From 2014 – IT Professional Reviewer, 2014 – Mediterranean Conference of IS – Track Chairs, 2014 – National Science fund of Bulgaria – Assessor , 2015- Member of organizational comity – ICT Innovations 2015