Гостувачко предавање – Софтерско Инженерство: Традиционалниот развој на софтвер споен со агилниот пристап

Ги известуваме и покануваме студентите и професорите на ФИКТ дека на 08.05.2018 (вторник) во 8:00 часот во Свечаната сала на ФИКТ ќе се одржи гостувачко предавање од доц. д-р Лука Павлич од ФЕРИ, Марибор, Словенија на тема: Софтерско Инженерство: Традиционалниот развој на софтвер споен со агилниот пристап.

Software Engineering: Traditional development meets agile approaches

The goal of the lectures is to make student familiar with different methodological approaches in software development, provide knowledge for qualitative and efficient development of IS that is in accordance with commonly used process models regardless of organization, project or group type and size.

We will show how to choose appropriate way of developing information solutions within the given environment. We will outline several industry-proven advanced process frameworks – from more rigid Rational Unified Process, to agile Scrum.

Based on practical experiences we will also show how to transform existing plan-based method to new, leaner and agile development method, based on best approaches from multiple development frameworks.


  • Introduction to Software Engineering and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Processes
  • Development activities, models and frameworks

o   Heavyweight and lightweight models

o   Plan-based, agile and iterative processes

  • Heavyweight examples: RUP
  • Lightweight example: SCRUM
  • Latest development on Scrum-based models (Scrumban, Kanban, Less, Safe etc.)