Нова Graduate & Internship програма во Ендава – Скопје

Dear Students,

Let us introduce you the GRADUATES & INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME in ENDAVA – Skopje.

For all student enrolled in Last year of studies or recently graduates, Endava Graduate Programme offers the perfect opportunity to kick start your IT career!

By taking part in the Graduate Programme, separated in three career paths: Development, Testing and Applications Management Disciplines, you’ll have the opportunity to be hired as a permanent employee and placed on a programme that consists of multiple assignments and two months of intensive IT and soft skills training.

  • To start your career in Automation & Manual Testing apply here
  • To start your career in Software Development apply here
  • To start your career in Applications Management apply here

For all students enrolled in First, Second or Third year of studies Endava Internship Programme offers the  benefit from up to two months of intensive training programs from Development, Testing and Applications Management Disciplines. The trainings are aimed at developing your technical and soft skills. While at Endava you will be exposed to a dynamic and fast paced environment while working with the latest technologies and practices.

  • To start your Internship programme  in Endava apply here

We invite you to apply by April 17th , 2016!

For more information about the programmes, please see the attached documents.

Good luck!

Software DevelopmentAutomation & Manual TestingApplications Management